The Exposure Photography Festival is a registered non-profit society established in 2004. Exposure is run by an enthusiastic Board of Directors who are devoted to photography. The festival's mission is to generate participation in photographic image making and to engage practitioners, photo professionals, and audiences in dialogue about the medium, it's past, present and future. Like photography itself, Exposure embraces a broad audience, including beginners and experienced image makers, amateurs and professionals, and photographers of all ages and interest levels. Exposure seeks to expand awareness, to educate, inform, and delight.

2017 will be the 13th year of Alberta’s one and only photography festival. The Festival hosts over 25,000 attendees annually. Most events and activities are free and open to the public. The Board of Directors looks forward to welcoming the community to an exciting and inspiring festival, celebrating photography and photographers from near and far.


Dona Schwartz (Board Chair)

Dona Schwartz
(Board Chair)

Grant Waddell (Board Member)

Grant Waddell
(Board Member)

Lee Cookson (Festival Coordinator)

Lee Cookson
(Festival Coordinator)

Greg Gerla (Board Member)

Greg Gerla
(Board Member)

Christine Klassen (Board Member)

Christine Klassen
(Board Member)

Sanja Lukac (Board Member)

Sanja Lukac
(Board Member)

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