Photo Credit: Maureen Hills

Photo Credit: Maureen Hills


Presented by Exposure Photography Festival

Maureen Hills and Bruce Hildesheim
Handmade Landscape

February 1 - 28

Curated by Sanja Lukac (SEITIES STUDIOS)

Experimenting with alternative processes including lith printing, cyanotypes, infrared and home made environmentally friendly chemistry. Traditional photographers Maureen Hills and Bruce Hildesheim present the Western Albertan landscape through handmade darkroom photographic prints and processes.

Bruce Hildesheim:
Using home-made,  environmentally friendly chemistry for both film development and printing,  I often shoot with cameras that  take medium format 120 roll film, first introduced in 1901.  They create a 6x6 cm square negative.

Maureen Hills:
Maureen’s love of the landscape was fostered by her father at a young age.  He instilled in her the importance of the environment and to appreciate natural history, flora and fauna.
Hills recently completed her certificate in photography through the Continuing Education Program at SAIT.  While at SAIT she rediscovered her interest in producing black and white prints in the darkroom.  Maureen currently shoots with both 35mm and medium format, film cameras.  She also likes to shoot with her digital infrared camera which adds an element of fantasy to the black and white landscape. It is Hills’ hope that through her work others will see the beauty and importance of this disappearing habitat and to promote interest in finding ways to preserve it for the future.