Photo Credit: Ryan Bray

Photo Credit: Ryan Bray

Cave and basin national historic site

Ryan Bray, Rogier Gruys, Amar Athwal
Night Skies at the Cave

February 4 - 28

When most of us are under the bed covers, Parks Canada photographers Ryan Bray, Amar Athwal and Rogier Gruys are schlepping their camera gear into the back country, away from the lights of the town, with their eyes wide open. They are motivated to stay awake by a love of photography and a sense of wonder about the night skies.

Amar, Rogier and Ryan open the night world to us, capturing landscapes under the spell of darkness. A star-filled sky, mountains lit by moonlight, dancing lights of the aurora borealis, their images awaken us to the beauty of our night skies, and reveal the possibilities available to us all after the sun goes down. Throughout the month of February, discover the magic of the night sky at Cave and Basin National Historic Site with photo exhibit, films and special weekend programming including an inflatable planetarium and stargazing with the Royal Astronomical Society of Alberta. Lights out, look up!

“No matter how many times I look up on a clear, dark starry night I can't help but feel overwhelmed by the awe and beauty of what surrounds us above. The amount you can discover in complete darkness is truly amazing. Take a chance and turn off the lights and head outside. You might just surprise yourself.”
(Ryan Bray, Parks Canada photographer)