Photo Credit: George Webber

Photo Credit: George Webber

artist talk

the sheer power of fact: george webber

University of Calgary  

10:00 AM Friday February 17

The documentary tradition must surely one of the most enduring and beloved   in the history of photography. The very first photograph which dates from 1826 was made because somebody wanted to capture the view from his window.

This deeply felt human urge to capture and preserve the world around us seems extraordinarily well served by the act of making a photograph.

The photographs that we create are often imbued with an extraordinary power to touch the viewer, what documentary film maker Ken Burns once described as “the sheer power of fact”.

George Webber has been photographing the people and social landscape of the Canadian prairies for nearly 40 years. His pictures and the stories behind those pictures are intimately tied to his affection for this place.

George’s work includes books on the Hutterites, First Nations and the changing face of Calgary. For his presentation George will share work his books Prairie Gothic and Last Call.