Photo Credit: John Dean, "60 Years of Hurricanes"

Photo Credit: John Dean, "60 Years of Hurricanes"

Masters Gallery

John Dean & Laura Pope

February 11 - 24, 2017
Opening Reception February 11, 1:00 PM

In this exhibition, Laura Pope and John Dean offer us an exploration of the urban landscape from two unique perspectives. 

John Dean shares with us photographs from a visit to Havana where he captures the decaying grandeur of Spanish Colonialism and vestiges of Art Deco from a time before the 1953 revolution.  In his photographs, hints of daily life emerge from behind crumbling facades as superficial restorations move further into the core of the city. 

In contrast, Laura Pope presents us an examination of more modern cityscapes. Her interest lies in the cultural, sociological and abstract relationships of the urban environment. She captures windows, their contents, reflections and light interactions as expressions of those juxtapositions.