Photo Credit: Leonard Reeves

Photo Credit: Leonard Reeves

Midtowne Gallery

Mark Durieux, Scott Forsyth, Leonard Reeves, Jacques Rioux
Town & Country: A Photography Showcase

February 4 - March 11
Opening Reception February 4, 2:30 - 5:30 PM

In Town & Country, a town represents a smaller intimate glimpse of an urban environment, and country, suggests a rural vastness. Midtowne Gallery presents four Calgary photographers who examine these perspectives in their artwork.

Mark Durieux presents the year in the life of Calgary’s Bowmont Park. Mark approaches the subject from a historical appreciation of Ansel Adams' Zone System, with digital High Dynamic Range photography. Exquisite detail and brilliant color are the hallmark of these photos.

Focusing on the arctic, the lush coastlines and untouched natural Canadian habitats, Scott Forsyth's photographs present a road less travelled, and the witness of the remote. In one of Scott's photographs, a lone human stands dwarfed by an immense vista, giving us scale and purpose to his vision; a moment of wonder and beauty.

Leonard Reeves offers a vision of Venice, Italy in all it’s crumbling glory. Although drawn to the grand view, be it an expansive landscape or architectural facade, Leonard's focus tends toward the intimate details within. Colors, light, movement, patterns and texture; the intricacies of architecture and natures artistry, all reside in this compelling series.

Jacques Rioux’s urban essay documents a historical perspective of Calgary’s progress, circa 1980. Long gone buildings and locations are captured through light and shadow, the chief elements within his compositions. A clever self-reflective nod to self portraiture is evident, as the photographer’s visible presence is captured in the B&W shots of antique store windows and in the shadows.