Photo Credit: George Webber

Photo Credit: George Webber

okotoks art gallery

George Webber
Simply put: vernacular alberta

February 18 - April 1
Opening Reception February 18, 1:00 PM

The photographs that constitute George Webber’s extraordinary nearly forty - year photographic journey of the Canadian prairies are a rare blend of art and documentation. Focusing on the austere architecture of the small towns of the Canadian prairies, Webber gives us images that speak of the past and the ephemeral. The fleeting quality of life and human endeavor, the cyclical nature of time and our relationship to place are here considered through the lens of a photographer intimately connected to his surroundings and acutely aware of the passage of time.

The prairies are Webber’s physical and spiritual home. Born and raised in Drumheller and now living in Calgary Webber’s connection to the places he photographs is palpable, his interpretations are direct, sincere and invested with a sense of history and intimacy that imbues his photographs with a heightened, surreal sense of colour and ambiguity that move them from the ordinary into the realm of the extra-ordinary. Haunting, touching, evocative and enigmatic, these images occupy a place somewhere between everywhere and nowhere.