John Dutton Theatre - Central Library
616 Macleod Trail SE
Calgary, AB T2G 2M2


pecha kucha #28 'Transparency'

co-Presented by Exposure photography festival

Doors open at 6:30 PM, presentations start at 7:00 PM

The theme of the night is Transparency. What passes from one place to the next, whether information, participation, or light, shapes what the viewer sees on the other side. From the invisible to the opaque, each speaker will share their interpretation of the theme using 20 images X 20 seconds.

Refreshments will be available pre-show, during the Beer Break and post-show to facilitate conversations with other awesome Calgarians, so come early and stay late.

Speakers for the event include:

  • Caitlind r.c. Brown - Artist, collaborator and DIY curator
  • Nabeel Khan - Innovator, inventor, and tech expert. Founder of the Zyris Organization
  • Darren Krause - Metro Alberta Managing Editor
  • Amelia Marie Newbert - Theatre manager and trans advocate
  • Chad Oberg - Architect of Bricks, Mortar, and Bits with Civic Innovation YYC at The City of Calgary
  • Pam Rocker - Writer, musician, activist, and super gay
  • Dona Schwartz - Photographer, Exposure Board Chair  & Associate Professor, University of Calgary
  • Wilf Schurig - A pattern maker by trade, in a globalized world a squeaky wheel
  • Ayla Stephen - Actress and producer at The Shakespeare Company
  • Wolfgang Tittel - Professor and AITF Strategic Research Chair in Quantum Secured Communication
  • C. Kenneth Waters  - Canada Research Chair in Logic and Philosophy of Science, University of Calgary

Additional speakers to be announced.