Photo credit: Michael Itkoff

Photo credit: Michael Itkoff

Evolving landscape of photography publishing

February 16th, 3pm
Location: Art Department, Room 672, University of Calgary, Calgary, AB

Since 2003, Daylight has engaged in innovative photographic publishing and community art projects by re-imagining the documentary mode. Through collaboration with established and emerging artists, scholars, and journalists, Daylight has become one of the premier showcases for contemporary photography.

Culminating in a book program launched in 2010, Daylight's evolution consistently models recent developments in contemporary photography. From magazine to multimedia, daily blog to books, Daylight has consistently delivered quality content through every available medium.

Daylight’s Michael Itkoff will be discussing Daylight's programmatic activities in the context of the changing landscape of photography publishing. He will provide a summary of Daylight’s output and discuss what lies ahead for photo-books and the medium itself.