Photo Credit: Funeh Aliu

Photo Credit: Funeh Aliu

Loft 112

Funeh Aliu
Déjà Vu

Exhibition dates: February 12 - February 18
Opening reception: Thursday, February 15, 4 - 9pm

CalgaryStreets presents DÉJÀ-VU by Funeh Aliu. Déjà Vu is a collection of moments taken on Calgary streets over the past few years. It is an ongoing project that explores curiosity about strangers and places one has already seen. It represents the feeling of being a tourist in one’s city while still having an intimate connection to it.

Déjà vu reminds us that life is a circle and there's nothing new. It sometimes tries to visualize how an event can have a clearer meaning only after a separate event occurs. The moments presented in Déjà Vu were captured months or even years apart - yet standing there, as the scene unfolded, again, there’s a strange feeling of familiarity. 

“That which is has been already, and that which will be has already been…” - Ecclesiastes 3:15

Aliu is passionate about capturing the soul of Calgary through candid photos of its people. So as not to miss the moment, if required, he will ask for permission – but only after the picture is on his memory card. His interest in people drives him to grab his camera, allowing him to interact with strangers whose path he may never have crossed.


The opening reception is a ticketed event - $10 early bird and $15 after January 15, 2018. Event ticket includes champagne, refreshments & a unique preview of an exploratory portrait project. 

For ticket info visit:

#112-535, 8 Ave SE
Calgary, AB T2G 5S9