Photo Credit: Scott Campbell

Photo Credit: Scott Campbell

Photo Credit: Greg Gerla

Photo Credit: Greg Gerla

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INFERNO - A Celebration of Strength
Scott Campbell and Karen Crocker

Exhibition dates: February 1 - 23
Opening reception is by invitation only.

Scott Campbell and Karen Crocker are proud to present a curated collection of photographs from their latest project. The intent of this project has been to elevate the participants to a place of power and dignity. 
RED - The colour of extremes. Fire; Blood; Passion; Danger; Courage; Strength.
In contemporary society, the symbol of the red dress has been used to honour Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women. It has also been used as the symbol for the Heart and Stroke Society’s Heart Truth Campaign, to create public awareness of heart attack and stroke symptoms for women. 
Wearing a red dress is empowering. It draws attention to the wearer and sends a message of confidence and strength. For this project, women from all walks of life were invited to be photographed in a curated collection of red dresses and interpret what empowerment looks like to each one of them. It is a celebration of strong women at all stages of their lives.
The images in this exhibit are a collaboration between Professional Photographer Scott Campbell and Artist/Designer/Stylist Karen Crocker. Both artists are active members of Artpoint in Calgary. 

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In an Instant: Iconographs
Greg Gerla

Exhibition dates: February 1 - 23
Opening reception for invited guests only.

‘In an Instant: Iconographs’ is an exhibition of manipulated instant prints by photographer Greg Gerla. This body of work was influenced by early religious iconography of Eastern Europe and the Byzantine Empire.
While the purpose of religious iconography was to connect the viewer to a religious doctrine and represent characters of that doctrine as the personification of a higher state, these images are based on the figure in an attempt to convey a connection of the female persona as being a spiritual entity unto itself. The image of Woman is presented as possessing the attributes of sainthood: expresser of love, risk-taker, having humility, contemplative, and compassionate.

The images in this exhibition were made using a variety of Polaroid and Fuji instant print material. They were then reworked using ink, vintage oil colors, acrylic paint, silver leaf, and gold leaf.

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Sat: 11am-5pm


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