Photo Credit: Robert Pierce Butler

Photo Credit: Robert Pierce Butler

Garside gallery

On a Wing & a Prayer
Debra Garside & Robert Pierce Butler

Exhibition dates: January 24th – March 24th
Opening reception: February 2, 2-4pm

“On a Wing & a Prayer” expresses the spontaneity and benevolence that embodies the style and theme of this exhibition by Debra Garside and Robert Pierce Butler.

Both artists, although different in their artistic styles, have experienced that moment in the field; when they feel the excitement of knowing that they have something truly special and, although perhaps not completely prepared, they reach a new level within, striving to capture that incredible moment. 

A glimpse of time, later to be shared with others, is something truly breathtaking and yet spiritual in its essence.  Imagine travelling into the lives of the nomadic eagle hunters of Mongolia and the spiritual healers of Tibet, or experiencing the raw and windswept existence on remote Sable Island National Park through its iconic wild horses. 

By capturing fleeting moments these images cause us to hold an appreciation for the impermanence of that which is around us, and then causes us to engage in conversations about disappearing cultures and conservation of unique places and their inhabitants.

Garside & Butler are embarking on a multi-year project to further document the most remote corners of Mongolia; the land, the wildlife and its unique culture. This show is a preview of things to come.

Garside has also just completed her 8th expedition to Sable Island this past November.  This exhibition will unveil stunning new aerial images, along with her bronze sculptures, complementing the imagery through substance and form.  

Debra Garside: “Every time I visit my two favourite places on earth - Sable Island and Mongolia - I feel that a new layer is uncovered, both in myself and in my knowing of the place. It goes beyond a sense of intimacy and into the realm of being absorbed by it, if only temporarily, with a call to return again and again in an endless quest of discovery. I hope that you, the viewer, will join in this journey with me.”

Robert Pierce Butler: “As a photographer, I use modern tools, reaching into the past, attempting to create a beautiful image for the future to reflect upon.  Exploring the land and her people, I hope to put forward a question. What is valuable? Ultimately, my heart is held captive by the beauty of our Earth and how we journey through Life upon her.  Beauty, Honesty and Freedom…moments in Life that I would like to share with you.”

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