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flash forward incubator exhibition & auction

Date: February 15, 16 & 17
Location: Festival HQ

Exposure is thrilled to have partnered with the Magenta Foundation to bring the Flash Forward Incubator Program to the Exposure Photography Festival 2019.

The Flash Forward Incubator Program is dedicated to supporting emerging artists within the high school setting, in the earliest stages of their career. While proposing a new and exciting model for arts education and arts funding, the Incubator Program prepares students for the next phases of their artistic careers.

Photography students from Central Memorial High School, West Charter High School and the Alberta High School of Fine Arts have been working with the Flash Forward Incubator Program since September 2018, with the program culminating in the Flash Forward Incubator Exhibition & Auction as part of the Exposure Photography Festival 2019. Over 3 days, the students work will be on display and available for purchase in the Festival HQ. 100% of the monies generated from the auction will be divided among the 3 schools and given directly to their photography/art programs.

More about the program:

The design of the Incubator Program supports educators in their effort to offer hands-on learning experiences with a real-world outcome in partnership with professional communities, which is mandated by boards of education but often difficult to implement.

Money generated by the Flash Forward Incubator Auction continues to support the purchase of materials that directly impact student learning and the overall growth of arts programming in schools. Materials such as large-format printers, scanners, cameras, specialized paper and ink, print-making materials, lighting, field trips, and artist-led workshops have been obtained and facilitated using Incubator funds. Taken together, the program and its unique funding model have had a significant impact on the quality of work the students are able to produce, improving attitudes, confidence, participation, and motivation in the arts and art-making, increasing the visibility of the work and voices of our youth, and increasing support for arts education within the schools, from administration and at the board level.


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