Photo Credit: Kristofer Schofield

Photo Credit: Kristofer Schofield

Framed on fifth

Returning Home
Kristofer Schofield

Exhibition dates: February 5 - March 2
Opening reception: February 8, 6-9pm

Kristofer Schofield is an Ontario born Finnish-Canadian photographer, based out of Calgary, Alberta. Specializing in minimalist, black and white photography, Schofield focuses heavily on dark, negative space, giving a whisper of light to his subject. In doing this, he draws not just the emotions of the viewer out, but shows the viewer what he was feeling. Through the beauty within the stark prairie landscape that is so predominant here in Alberta, he has found his voice.

“There are the beacons of old prairie pride that can be seen for miles. Then there are those in deep within the fields, down impassable roads, collapsing under their own weight. The houses and farms that nature has taken over are returning home, back to the earth.”

Gallery hours:
Tues - Fri: 10am - 6pm
Sat: 10am - 5pm


1207 5th Ave NW 
Calgary, AB T2N 0S1