Photo Credit: Debra Garside

Photo Credit: Debra Garside

Garside Wilson Gallery

Exhibition dates: February 9 - March 25

Special presentations: 
Feb 25 : "Stories from Above the Clouds and Across the Ocean's Horizon"
March 10 : "Adventures in Mongolia!"

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Debra Garside & Donna Wilson

For millennia human history has been built using the power of the horse. He has been a beast of burden, a warrior, a mythical and spiritual symbol and an inspiration to artists dating back from the earliest cave paintings and forward to modern day sport and culture. What is our fascination with Equus? This photography and bronze art exhibit explores and brings into balance the horse-human connection. From the foothills of Alberta, the dunes of Sable Island, the Mongolian Steppes and the furthest reaches of Patagonia and Africa we bring you "Equi-librium".


Gallery hours: Thursday - Sunday, 11am - 5pm

134 Morrison Road (Highway 22)
Longview, Alberta T0L1H0