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Juror: Andrea Kunard

Associate Curator of Photographs, National Gallery of Canada

Andrea Kunard earned her PhD in 2004 from Queen’s University, and taught survey and seminar courses on the history of photography, Canadian Art, and museology for over a decade at Carleton University, Queen's University and Nova Scotia College of Art & Design University. As associate curator at the National Gallery of Canada, Kunard explores the intersections of contemporary and historical issues in Canadian photography, focusing on cultural uses of the medium, and its capacity to challenge and reconfigure accepted understandings of the public and private, subjectivity, memory, and knowledge.

Exhibitions include Shifting Sites(2000), Susan McEachern: Structures of Meaning (2004), Scott McFarland: A Cultivated View (2009), Fred Herzog (2011), Clash: Conflict and Its Consequences(2012), Photography in Canada 1960-2000 (2017) and Marlene Creates - Places, Paths, and Pauses (2017). Kunard has also curated exhibitions on historical Canadian photography such as “Early Exploration in Canada” (2013) and “Arctic Images from the Turn-of –the-Twentieth Century” (2013), in collaboration with Library and Archives Canada, as well as the pictorial photography component of the NGC exhibition and catalogue Artists, Architects and Artisans: Canadian Art 1890-1919(2013-14), curated by Charles Hill.

Other exhibitions investigate specific themes, such as Aboriginal representation, as seen in Steeling the Gaze: Portraits by Aboriginal Artists (2008-09), co-curated with Steve Loft), Jeff Thomas: Scouting for Indians” 2003, Shelley Niro: This Land is Mime Land (2003) and Peter Pitseolak (2001-2002). Her exhibition Michel Campeau: Icons of Obsolescence (2013) reflects on the analogue-digital shift in photography, and its effect on the medium, social practices, and the production, preservation and sharing images. As well, her essay published in Robert Burley’s The Disappearance of Darkness: Photography at the End of the Analogue Era (Princeton Architectural Press, Ryerson Image Centre, 2013) examines the social and cultural impact of changing technologies in the histories of photography. Kunard also co-curated the exhibition “Dominion Street” (2012) on the work of Moncton photographer Jaret Belliveau with Terry Graff for the Beaverbrook Gallery. Co-editor of The Cultural Work of Photography in Canada(McGill Queen’s U.P. 2008), Kunard has written articles on contemporary and historical photography in The Journal of Canadian Art History, the International Journal of Canadian Studies, and Early Popular Visual Culture. She is currently working on a major web-based project focused on the National Film Board of Canada, Still Photography Division collection for Virtual Museums Canada in collaboration with the Library and Archives Canada.

2018 presenting partner

2018 presenting partner