Photo Credit: Jarrett Edmund

Photo Credit: Jarrett Edmund

Phil & Sebastian Mission Cafe

Music Visualization - The Art of Concert Photography
Group exhibition

Exhibition dates: February 1 - 28
Opening reception: February 9, 7-10pm

Featuring work by Jarrett Edmund, Brandlynn Leigh, and David Youn, Allison Seto, Brian Snell, Elyse Bouvier, Joshua Platt, Keeghan Rouleau and Sebastian Buzzalino, this exhibition’s intent is to express the exciting and unique world of concert photography. This discipline requires a nuanced approach to the art and craft of photography, whereby we capture, not just the events, but the energy and excitement of the moment. In effect, our aim is to be able to bring the audience to the concert, regardless of whether they had a ticket or not!

Gallery hours:
Mon - Fri: 7am - 5pm
Sat - Sun: 7.30am - 6pm


2207 4th St SW 
Calgary, Alberta, T2S1X1