Stride Gallery

Rick Silva, Justin Waddell
After Weather

Exhibition dates: January 19 - March 2
Opening reception: Friday, January 19

With a series of images, sculptures, and videos the two artists explore weather as source material and metaphor. The “after” in After Weather also evokes time, how one experiences weather, passing from prediction, to present, to memory, and data. When considering time, weather, and the modern condition, Jean Baudrillard noted:

“We are told that it is going to be possible, using ultra-sophisticated computer techniques, to make an accurate forecast of the weather over the next two days. But the computers will take four days to do it. So in four days’ time we shall know precisely what the weather was on the preceding two days. The truth of the forecast has no concern with truly being a forecast. And the facts simply have to fall into line. If necessary, truth will correct them retrospectively. It will have been fine even if it rained. For facts are facts and truth is truth. It always arrives too late, but when it does arrive it is truth which commands belief.”

Jean Baudrillard, Screened Out. London: Verso 2002

Gallery hours: Tuesday - Saturday, 11AM -5PM

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