Photo Credit: Kirsten Costoulas

Photo Credit: Kirsten Costoulas

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Infrastructure and the Industrial Age
Royce Howland & Kirsten Costoulas

Exhibition dates: February 1 - March 29
Opening reception: February 1, 6-9pm

At the intersection of human civilization and the land, we can find both harmony and conflict. Royce Howland's work "Industrial Age" looks for intriguing visuals while exploring old industrial locations that are often tucked away within beautiful landscapes. Through images made in these places where culture and land converge, Royce hopes to inspire reflection on how we have inhabited the land in the past, the nature of our culture now, and the shared future we hope to build.

Art and design exist in the most unexpected places. Through the documentation of found objects, Kirsten Costoulas's "Infrastructure" highlights the beautification of the mundane. This fifteen year ongoing project seeks to inspire curiosity to explore for beauty in the most unlikely areas of our world.

Gallery hours:
Mon - Fri: 10am - 6pm


333 36th Ave SE 
Calgary, Alberta T2G 1W2